Customer Service. On Telegram.

Generate leads, close deals and give great support.

Many happy customers including

Designed for sales and support teams

Boost customer engagement

Launch sweepstakes, contests and giveaways to increase inbound leads.

Personal and proactive

Turn leads into potential customers by walking them through your sales funnel.

A faster way to customer success

Provide support by responding to inquiries and solving tickets immediately, from any device.

Don’t email- Telegram.

A powerful feature suite

Switching from email means reduced response times and lower support costs.

Make better decisions

Track your team’s performance by sending surveys directly through Telegram.

Scale as you grow

Upgrading is easy. Add  more agents as your support team grows.

Anti-Abuse : This service is designed to allow Businesses to communicate with and support their clients effectively. MeteorDesk is not a marketing platform. To preserve access we have a number of limitations designed to prevent the abuse of the messaging platform. You can only message a Telegram user who has first messaged you. You can only send messages to a Telegram user within 7 days of the Telegram user’s last inbound message to you.

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